• Lunar Casual


    A comfortable outfit with accessories for moon lovers. Featuring the Obsidian Top, ripped up mesh leggings, the oversized Witchery Cardigan, the Lunar Moon Bag, black moon phases chain necklace, and the Moon Geometry Bracelet.

  • The

    Noble Lady


    Be the very picture of elegance in this outfit. Featuring the Noble Dress, faux fur & lace long cape, Vamp Handbag, Five Point Lace Parasol, Guipure Gloves, and the Lace Beaded Necklace.

  • Springtime Elegance


    This outfit features a beautiful handheld lace fan, the Fleur de Lys top, the Obsequy lace bustle skirt, black rose mesh gloves, Oriental Bat silver hoop earrings, and a grey Alice in Wonderland book shaped purse.

  • The

    Nu Witch


    This outfit is inspired by the occult, perfect for modern witches. Featuring the Venus Dress, Black Moth Cardigan, pentagram harness, o-ring tote bag, silver Lucifer's Sigil Earrings, silver inverted pentagram cuff, and the Occult Moth Choker.

  • Black Velvet


    This outfit features a sumptuous black velvet mermaid skirt, the Pavlina black lace shawl top, a headpiece made of black roses, black velvet corset arm warmers, coffin shaped earrings, a black beaded necklace, and a black pagoda umbrella.

  • The

    Moon Child


    An outfit for the mysterious moon children. Featuring the black lace Ghost Dress, a long red hooded cape, the Moon Child messenger bag, a headpiece made of black roses and horns, the Moon Cycles necklace, and a pair of black mesh Henna Gloves.

  • The

    Black Moon


    A comfortable outfit with some occult inspired accessories for the modern witch. This outfit features the Malkavian Bat Cape, skull leggings, the Black Armor Bag, black crescent moon necklace, a black inverted pentagram cuff, and some big inverted pentagram earrings.

  • The

    Bat Haus


    An outfit embracing goth & punk influences on street wear. Featuring the Bathaus Hoodie, slashed o-ring top, Heavy Metal Buckled Pants, six buckle arm warmers, inverted cross chain necklace, o-ring messenger bag, and inverted cross studs.

  • The

    Gothic Princess


    An outfit for gothic royalty- featuring the Dead Souls Dress; the Baroness Bolero; a headpiece made of black roses, beads, and antlers; the Necronomicon Bat Necklace; the matching silver bat bracelet; and a coffin shaped purse in a crocodile texture.

  • Vivian in Lace


    This beautiful outfit features a corset lace top, the Merle Skirt, the Kiara Lace Parasol and matching short cape, a Red Rose handbag, the Vivian Black Choker; and Edgar Allan Poe Cameo Earrings.